How to set up sync between iMac and an external SSD storage drive

Hi, I’m new to syncthing. Running macOS Monterey. I want to sync files from my iMac hard drive to an external SSD file storage drive. I don’t see any guidance for this scenario since I would not be setting up syncthing on the external SSD. How would I set this up? Thank you!

You can do this by running two separate instances of Syncthing but that’s not really what the proper use case of the program is. Syncthing is intended to securely sync files between multiple devices, and if you just need a local sync/copy tool, there are much lighter and faster choices out there.

Thank you! Any recommendations for MacOS? I haven’t found anything except freefilesync, which looks like it is a manual sync - and I’d like something automated like syncthing. Everything else I found was a more extensive full system back up - and I’m looking for something simple to backup files from iMac to an SSD.

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