How to set certain nodes as [read only, backup, slave]?

I have a couple machines which are accessed by other individuals. While I do want all machines to receive all changes, I do NOT want any changes made on these specific machines to filter back to the rest of the nodes. A “backup TO here” scenario. How can I do this?


Currently, you can’t. It’s issue 62, although it’s a bit vaguely worded.

This use case is not presently handled by Syncthing. Look thru the forums, this topic has been discussed before.

In a 2 device cluster, you can set up device A as “Master”, and changes made on device B will not come back to A. This setting is repo specific, in the repository edit screen.

However, in a more complicated cluster like you described, you would require more than 1 “Master” - and Master repos will not update each other.

But I think you actually can if you link the two masters (with none as a master) and then add another “folder pair” with one of the masters and the slave. See more here: Three node syncthing with two masters: