how to see a complete list of THREADs that i started in this forum

how to see a complete list of the TOPICS/ or THREAD that i started ? i want to browse back my old thread to get some info… but i can’t seems to find a place where it lists out all the threads that i have started until now. … anybody can help ?


I don’t known if you can. You can see the list of topics you’ve participated in on your user profile.

that is something lacking of such forum. should be able to see what i have started to post…

how to see my participated list of topics ? let me see if it can help or not.


I believe the activity tab in the user profile has all the info you need: It lists all topics you have participated in and has controls to filter for only topics you created or topics you replied to.

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yes, but it shows the same thread over and over again when i have multiple posts in it… i don’t need to see the same thread over and over again to just realized that i have just browsed into the same thread just now…

got it. although i m using laptop… but still got it. thx