how to resolve syncthing conflict?

I found lots of sync-conflict files, but there is no resolve button / alert in syncthing webui , how do I resolve the conflict ?

It’s up to the user to review the conflicting files and decide which ones to keep/delete, because unfortunately, it would be too risky and difficult for a [Resolve] button to know which version of a conflicting file is the one that’s really wanted.

Once you’ve decided which version(s) to keep, deleting the extra ones will put everything back in sync.

There are alert messages in the user interface and in the logs whenever there’s a conflict.

(For more details, see the Conflicting Changes section of Syncthing’s documentation.)

I don’t see any alert, using GitHub - Martchus/syncthingtray: Tray application and Dolphin/Plasma integration for Syncthing , syncthing version is lastest

Syncthing Tray is one of several system tray applications that can be paired with Syncthing, but they generally aren’t intended to completely replace Syncthing’s built-in user interface:

I haven’t used Syncthing Tray, so I cannot say whether or not it displays alerts for conflicting files, but if it does, it’d likely be part of its error indicator or under the history button.

I’ve been using Syncthing-GTK, which does send alerts to the host OS notification system (i.e., I get a pop-up bubble whenever files have changed and/or if there’s a conflict).

But in any case, it’s very helpful to be familiar with Syncthing’s own native GUI because it offers the most features.

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