How to reset a sync folder that has been moved to new computer

I have 2 computers syncing content for 2 folders, 1 in LA, 1 in NYC. The LA node was Windows and NYC was Mac. Some of the files in one folder in NYC had a naming convention that Windows does not support and as such sync was not picking up all files even with ignore patterns enabled and configured.

As a result I moved the content over for both folders to a Mac in LA so that both OS’ were the same and to remove the naming problem. However, LA node is not picking up the correct global state nor syncing with NYC for both folders now.

Folder 1 NYC has a global and local state of 296762 items, ~3372 GiB LA has a global and local state of 18793 items, ~170 GiB

Folder 2 NYC has global and local state of 934 items, ~364 GiB LA has a global state of 454 items, ~125 GiB and a local state of 292 items, ~50.8 GiB

Are there hidden file(s) that I need to remove to reset the sync state in LA so it will see the correct global state and sync correctly? I’ve searched through the support forums but have not been able to find any information to resolve the issue.

Are the connected to each other, set to share the right folders?

Yes. Both connected and shared correctly.

Then I don’t know. There should be no need to reset anything - any indexes live in the configuration directory, on the previous computer. Screenshots of how it looks in the GUI?

Where would I find indexes in the directory? Screenshots below:

Are you sure they’re actually connected? Green, on the right side?

Here are full screenshots:

I wonder if they simply haven’t exchanged indexes fully yet - shuffling data for library might congest things. If you want to experiment, indexes are in ~/Library/Application Support/Syncthing/index. There should be no reason to touch it though…

Are there config files in the shared folders themselves that might be referencing the old computer? I copied the data to an external drive, attached the NAS to Mac, reformatted the drive and copied the data back. Then I installed and configured syncthing. Are there files I should not have copied in the shared folder?