How to remove files that should have ignored afterwards

Hey there, thanks for your work on ST and here in the forum. Here is my issue:

Intension: I have one node (A), that has all data on it (big HDD). And one (B), that sould receive only some of (A)s files (small HDD). I can do this by using a ignore list on the receiver node (B).

Problem: I set up the ignore list wrong. It did not ignore the files, that should not be synced to (B). On both nodes new files where stored into the local folders, that are synced, during the synchronisation.

Now I have node (B) with a full HDD, and a stopped synchronisation. And different, new files in (A) and (B).

Any idea how I can solve this issue?

Just set ignore patterns on B that will allow you to delete files that shouldn’t have been synced. You can watch the “Local state” info decreasing to see it has worked. Then delete the files on B and let the sync continue.

Thank you for the reply. I hoped, there is a way to get around manually deleting the “now ignored” files. It would be helpfull if ST could remove “now ignored” files automatically.

I “resolved” the issue by using the software “beyond compare” to find and sync the new files between both nodes. I will manually delete the unwanted files after setting up the correct filters.

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