How to remove a device in a N:(N-1) scenario where N is large?

Is there a smart way to advertize a device as “permanently removed”?

I am starting with Syncthing and I have a (small) concern about reorganizing things as I go (which usually happens), and since I tend to have each device connected with the rest of the devices (sharing, say, a common folder) I may end up with a lot of work when removing one of them (or making similar changes).

Is there a smart way to remove a device and broadcast that fact to the other ones?

If you use the introducer concept to add the devices, then you can also remove them that way. Otherwise no, you might use some scripting solution on the configs or towards the API. More generally, it’s as cumbersome to remove the devices as it is to add them, so use the same method. :slight_smile:

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