How to recreate Syncthing Camera?

I deleted the default camera directory I guess. How can I recreate it? There is no launcher for Syncthing Camera as well.

The “Camera” folder is just the Camera/DCIM path on the phone’s internal memory. You can simply add it to Syncthing again as new folder.

I meant the “Syncthing Camera”, with its own directory that was under the Appdata path. It also had its own camera activity.

Do you mean the special feature that is available in Syncthing Fork only? If yes, the app name should really have been mentioned at the very beginning :melting_face:. @Catfriend1 may be needed to help here.

Oh yes I forgot. Didnt know it was a fork feature. I am always on fork because main does not have untrusted hosts.

The feature is available from the Quick Settings tiles. It is no longer a separate launcher icon. If its enabled, the app itself should prepare the (shared) camera folder.

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