How to properly set up one-way syncing from windows folder to linux box

I would like to use syncthing to mirror one or several folders of my windows box to a linux server where they are then backed up daily by a different backup tool (restic currently). How to properly set up this one-way sync? Whenever I have tried this, there have been conflicts such as the local st instance not finishing syncing, the remote st instance showing local additions (this probably due to me not understanding the concept but st was the only app that modified these files). Is there a guide somewhere that lists what should be done to ensure a simple one-way syncing setup/mirroring setup? Or would st not be the tool of choice here in this use case?

Syncthing is not designed for one way syncing. You can use a send only or receive only folder types, but that still requires that the files are not touched in any way on the receiving side, as you’ll end up with local changes which will effectively stop the process.

You might be better off with a rsync on a cron as it’s much more simple and truly one-way.

Thanks for the clear answer. My files were not touched by any other means on the server side but still syncing stopped, but anyway - I will try rsync. :slight_smile:

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