How to "Pause" a Folder?


I see that i can “Pause” a device, but it is possible to “Pause” a spécifique folder on a node ?

No: not currently.

Ok thanks for quick answer. Do you think it will be hard to implement ?

In a word, “yes”. :slight_smile:

lol, ok :slight_smile:

For explain, one of my node have a weak CPU and hard disk drive IO. One of my folder have a size of 300 Go and ~100000 files, i do not need to sync it on this node during daylight but only the night. So a function to stop scan on this spécific folder will be userfull for me.

Most of the “pause folder” talk was in regards to syncing, not scanning (as far as I remember). So if/when it is implemented, it could be in a way which doesn’t suit your scenario.

I don’t know if this is a working solution on such an under powered device, but you could try using 2 instances of syncthing on that device.

One instance would only share the big folder, the other would share the rest. The other devices would have both instances as remote devices in the list.

You can then start the second instance in the evening and stop it in the morning.

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Actually I had folder pause working as far as it not syncing and not scanning on the paused device, however there was pushback on the fact that it didn’t prevent other devices from sending updates and possibly requests for it.

Which I think is enough. We could go an extra step and simply assume the folder is simply not there and consider that a pause. And reconnect as we unpause.

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I think it is enough too.

Many thanks, works like a charm :slight_smile:

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