How to only backup at night?

I just started using the app for making backups of my pictures on my android phone, and I thoroughly enjoy it. So far the app fulfills all my needs efficiently and automatically.

However, I don’t need it to run 24/7, and I’d be quite interested in just having it run between 23.00 to 06.00. I’ve figured out how to automatically start the app each evening with a Google Assistant routine, but unfortunately it doesn’t support closing apps.

Do you have any ideas to help me achieve the above?

There are different approaches, each with its own caveats…

If between 23:00 and 06:00, you’re at home, a combination of Syncthing for Android’s “Run Conditions” feature, Android’s background / data / battery usage controls, plus geo-fencing with home Wi-Fi could be used.

Personally, I’ve found it so easy to manually start/stop Syncthing, that along with the “Run on Wi-Fi” option, it covers what I need. After the initial sync, updates are often so quick that Syncthing only needs less than a minute (depending on the types and amount of data).

For additional ideas, pointers, suggestions and/or recommendations, check out earlier posts on this forum:


seems like no auto way to do that. I do back 90% manually, with my tool Fonedog

Some crazy idea: Make a new wifi ssid, configure your router to let it show up at night via schedule, let syncthing run on this whitelisted wifi ssid.

Or use Tasker and the app’s start/stop control intents.


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