How to move configuration after re-instaling Windows OS


I would like to move from Windows 10 to 8.1 on the same computer. I would like to keep my SyncThing configuration if possible. How can I achieve this ?

I was trying to copy my Syncthing folder and run it on Windows 8.1 but the configuration is not being picked up.

If you run syncthing -paths it will show your where syncthings home directory is, that is where the config and database should live.

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Thx. I’ll check it this evening an let you know if that worked for me.

Usually, the syncthing config and database is in “%LocalAppData%\Syncthing” (type this in explorer address bar). To re-use an existing configuration, be sure the paths to your synced folders didn’t change (and of course contain the same contents).

I think this is very important, because you are also copying the database. In corner cases, newer versions might be overwritten, if you were out of sync before your transition. If you are in sync, you should be safe.

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