How to make mkdir /home/<username>/bin on Mac

I read “how to Starting Syncthing Automatically on MacOSX Without homebrew” in

In the 1st step, it directs: “Copy the syncthing binary (the file you would open to launch Syncthing) into a directory called bin in your home directory i.e. into /home//bin. If “bin” does not exist, create it.”

So, by using Terminal, I tried the next command: sudo mkdir /home/GundamSK/bin where GundamSK stands for my username, and next typed my password. But Terminal answered as Operation not supported

How to make mkdir /home/GundamSK/bin on MacOSX ?

I don’t know why it says operation not supported. But do not use sudo. That will create a directory owned by root which is precisely what we want to avoid.

You can create the directory in your home directory using the Finder, as usual. Or, open a terminal and type mkdir bin (it should start in your home directory).


Your home directory is /Users/GundamSK/, not /home/GundamSK/, somewhat explaining why you get the error message.
Apart from that, Jakob has the solution. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice, but the situation does not change.

  1. Following your advice, I activated a root account on my MacOSX;
  2. Next, I logined by the root, and using Terminal, I typed as mkdir /home/GundamSK/bin where GundamSK is my username.
  3. But Terminal responded as Operation not supported This is the same situation as before.

I think, even if we use sudo or root, the latest MacOS Sierra(10.12.5) prohibits to make any directory under /home/ ?

Thank you very much for your advice.

I read wrongly the meaning of my “home directly”. Following your advice, as I made /Users/GundamSK/home/bin/ and copy the binary of syncthing, everything is now OK. :grinning:

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