How to link an exisitng folder on a PC

I have Syncthing set up on my PC and on my Android device. On the Android device, I go to the plus button (on the folders tab), click on ‘directory’ and choose the folder I want to sync. It appears as an option on my PC (I’m using SyncTrayzor), I choose it and it turns up on my PC…perfect…

…except, how do I do the opposite? Choose a folder on my PC, have it turn up on my Android device for me to approve and have it sync in the same way. I feel really foolish but I just cant see how to do it, and none of the documentation seems to describe it.

To be clear, my Android folder “/storage/emulated/0/DCIM” can be selected to sync from my phone to my PC. I want to select my music folder “c:/~user/My Music” to be synced from my PC to my phone.

Just share the folder from PC to Android. If Android doesn’t know about it already it will popup a notification to accept and setup the new folder.

Sorry if i’m missing something obvious here, but what I’m asking is how does one carry out this sharing.

I know how to share a folder which is already on my folders list. I know how to make a new folder on that same list. What I don’t know is how to make one of my already existing folders from my PC appear on that list like can be done on the Android version.

I believe what you want is to share a folder PC <-> Smartphone which is already present on the local filesystem of the PC.

On the PC, first open Syncthing’s web interface. This is either integrated into the wrapper that you use (e.g inside SyncTrayzor - just open the app) or reachable via any browser at http(s):// by default.

In the web interface, press the button Add Folder located at the bottom/below the listings of your folders. A new dialog will popup where you need to enter the Folder Path where the (already existing) folder is located on your PC. After filling out the fields, switch to the Sharing tab and select your Android phone. Have a look at the other available options, but you can leave pretty much everything as-is.

After pressing Save and waiting for a moment, your Android phone will ask you to accept the new folder. Afterwards synchronisation will begin.

In this context, “New folder” refers to the fact that Syncthing hasn’t shared/used this folder before. On your PC’s local filesystem this folder is probably not considered “new”.

Thanks for the full instructions. So this is exactly what I thought I tried with my music. I put the full path “C:/Users/{my user name}/My Music”, gave it a name, left everything else as it was.

What happened was that a new empty folder was created on my PC, called “My Music” in the exact same location as the actual “My Music” folder, so now I have two "My Music"s. Synthing’s folder just points to this new empty duplicate.

I’m not quite sure, but you may have run into a Windows issue, because Windows likes to perform invisible renames/redirects of standard folders for localisation.

If you’re trying to sync the Windows library folder “Music”, try to use the path C:\Users\<Username>\Music in syncthing, because that should be the actual name of the folder you’re trying to sync. Windows likes to display the media library folders under different - translated - names which can be quite confusing.

Thank you, that’s exactly the problem. The actual path is “Music” despite the folder name being “My Music”. All sorted. Thanks again for your help.


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