How to install Syncthing in QNAP TS-231 family?

I would like to install syncthing in my Qnap NAS TS-231, but there is an qnap app for syncthing only for newer versions, and it doesn’t work on older ones. In Qnap we have access over ssh to all folders, so, would be possible to do some kind of manual installation in it. I don’t know which unix/linux it uses, but the result of uname -a is: Linux Hostname 3.2.26 #2 SMP Thu Aug 30 06:01:36 CST 2018 armv7l unknown.

According to your uname output, the arm version could work. Just download, extract and run that version. You will see if it works.

Thank you! Yes, worked! I haven’t setup everything, but in first run, no errors.

Well, after installing and testing a lot, I realize that syncthing for arm doesn’t work in QNAP TS-231. Althoug it runs and everything seems to be fine, some systems in qnap freezes, my resilio sync freezes for example, stopping the syncthing process resilio come back. I believe this is caused by too much memory used by syncthing, but is just an hypothesis.

If someone known an package with Syncthing for TS-231, please share here.

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