How to install sync thing server

I want to make a synchronize a folder on my server with an external HD on my desktop computer.

My desktop is installed just fine.

But, the server side, the debian install seems to be for a desktop computer. Maybe I am wrong. Can I use the install instructions from the downloads page for debian/ubuntu on my server?

Then, if installed, I could use my browser to pour to MYINTERNALIP:8384 Right?


There are multiple different ways on how to install syncthing. I am sure there are plenty of guides you can find on the internet including ours:


OK, it was simple enough to install on my server. Thanks.

I am running it from my internal network. How can I access is?

I tried the similar way as for my desktop computer: myinternalnetworkip:8384

HOw do I access it from my desktop computer?

After running syncthing, I got the output(I replaced mt static IP with “...”)(look at attached file).


syncthing.pdf (22.4 KB)

The address is shown in the logs. I think most of this is covered in getting started guide, so I suggest you refer to that first.


When I look at the logs, I find references to my external static IP.

I also see:

Access the GUI via the following URL:

Since this is on my server(and I am accessing from my desktop), I do no have direct access to the computer, so I can not use this link.

I do not see any reference to an internal IP that I can use.

Can you please tell me which address to which you are referring?


Please check the FAQ, most of your questions could have been answered by you just reading the documentation.

Take a look at


I am usign DEbian 9.x.

Where can I find the config.xml file? I want to update it so I can access it from outside my server


Hi! The config.xml file should be in $HOME/.config/syncthing (or ~/.config/syncthing). This page has more info if you’re interested!

I found the file. Thanks!

I can log in and configure uty.

I’ll come back if/when I have other questions! Joseph

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