How to install inotify in Windows?

I have setup Syncthing in my Linux machine without any issues. But im not good at windows. I only have the inotify executable. No installer. I have installed syncthing gtk in windows. So my question is, how to setup inotify in there?

I think syncthing-gtk already has inotify support: there’s no need for a separate inotify executable.

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Hmmm… But it’s disabled! Greyed out!

When hovered it says please install pyinotify

if it’s just the functionality you’re after, check out synctrayzor. It can watch folders for you as well.

EDIT: added Link

EDIT2: @canton7 it’s very humble of you to recommend syncthing-gtk instead of your own project. :wink:

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He said he was using it already, and I’m not mean enough to try and get happy syncthing-gtk users to move elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cool :slight_smile: Keep it up bro :smiley: