How to install CLI-WEBUI version on IMX6 Cubox running debian?

Hi I am not very experienced with Linux but I do have a Cubox-i with Freescale IMX6 ARM hardware and would like to install SyncThing (no UI, only CLI and WEBUI) on it. I can easily find the package on the homepage, but how do I correctly install it?

There is no step of installing. You just run the binary. If you want to run it at start-up, you have to work out what sort of init system you have on the OS, and place the right init script at the right location.

OK so I should extract the .TAR file to /etc/syncthing then figure out how to start it automatically at boot/run it as a service. Should not be that hard. Thanks.

It’s it’s an older system, you can just edit /etc/rc.local and start it from there. You probably want something like this:

/etc/synthing &>/var/log/syncthing.log & disown

which is going to send the process to the background and send output to the given log file.