How to incorporate pre-existing "Locally Changed" files on receive-only backup destination?

I have a NAS backup folder with existing old photography folders in it. Some, not all, of these folders still exist on my desktop computer.

I would like to use the NAS as a receive-only destination folder for a Syncthing send-only folder linked to my desktop’s photos folder.

Having done this, I see that Syncthing on the NAS is labeling the preexisting older files that no longer exist on my desktop as “Locally Changed.”

I do not have ample room on the source desktop to move all those old NAS files to the source desktop side of things.

Is it possible to incorporate those existing files into the NAS Syncthing folder and clear thiese file statuses?

Thank you!

If these files are stored on the NAS alone, how about simply moving them to a different, local folder? If they need to stay in the Syncthing folder though, the only solution I can think of would be to simply add them to your ignore patterns.

Also, just a standard reminder, but Syncthing isn’t really a “backup”. Yes, it can help when the hardware on one machine fails or the computer itself gets stolen, etc. but if you get infected by ransomware or similar, all those encrypted files will be pushed to the “receive-only backup” too.

I’m trying to maintain a singular archive folder of all my photo work. It would help to keep this archive in one place for ease of import back into Lightroom. I have multiple folders with many new files only on the desktop send-only side because I would only occasionally move new files over manually. Syncthing is to be my solution for that.

I can’t imagine how I would be able to create an ignore file when there’s over 300,000 existing files in many folders that already exist on both sides. If anything, I’d ask that a feature be added that can accomplish this for me. If no, what sort of CLI tool might help?

Thanks for the operational backup strat reminder. My NAS is a live local archive. It is itself being backed up to an S3 as is my Desktop.

How many local additions are we actually talking about here? Are they scattered all around different folders or can they be contained into a few larger folders?

There were a lot of location additions, in the tens of thousands. I’m going to work on this from the file management aspect. To clear out any erroneous data, manually mirror what I can, and move the larger “offline” folders out of the shared receive-only folder as you suggested.

However, I still feel like there should be a way to code local additions on the receive-only side as if they were synced and then deleted from the send-only side. Leave it up to the versioning policy from there to decide if they’re kept.

Thanks for your help!

Yeah, with tens of thousands of files a manual approach isn’t going to work. If I had to automate generating ignore patterns from those, I’d write a script that would simply create a list of files in the folder on both sides, then compare the two and leave only those that exist in the receive-only folder, then add them to .stignore.

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