How to Hide Syncthing Folder In Android?

Hi! I have a Syncthing folder that contains about more than 1,000 graphs in jpg format. My android phone is indexing this syncthing folder, and when I look at “recent files” it is dominated by stuff that was recently updated by syncthing.

How to I stop this from happening? Ideally, I would make it so that only syncthing can look in this folder. Like a change of security?

How can I do this?

Most Android media apps do not index folders that contain a file called “.nomedia”.

This worked perfectly. Thanks so much.

For somebody stumbling across this thread in the future, here’s what I did:

  1. Open ‘node pad’ in Windows.
  2. Type nothing inside the notepad. Not even a space.
  3. Save file type as .
  4. Name file “.nomedia” inside my Syncthing folder
  5. Syncthing then sticks it into android.

After this, I need to reset the index in android. I followed the steps here:

They are

  1. Go to “Android settings”
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Change to “Show system”
  4. Go to “Media Storage”
  5. Tap “Storage”
  6. Clear Data
  7. Restart phone
  8. Wait 1 minute or 3 for android to re-index
  9. Look at your files without the million photos in your Syncthing directory.

That’s it!


Noted as feature request ( Offer option to create ".nomedia" if the user adds a Syncthing folder · Issue #769 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub )

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#3 above should say “asterisk.asterisk” but somehow it doesn’t/

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