How to hide connection type icons

Some people don’t need connection infos in the device header, e.g. if all devices are inside LAN. To hide the icons you can use this simple hack

  1. create a new theme
  2. add css to theme.css
@import "../../theme-assets/light/assets/css/theme.css";
.reception {
  display: none
  1. restart Syncthing and select your theme from settings
  2. if you only want to style certain icons, e.g. disconnected, change to
.reception-0 {
  display: none

reception-4 … TCP LAN
reception-3 … TCP WAN
reception-2 … QUIC
reception-1 … relay
reception-0 … disconnected


Just a comment, but you probably want here something like

.remote-devices-panel > .reception {
  display: none

or otherwise the CSS is going to hide the icon in the unfolded device info below as well, which won’t look very pretty :wink:.

Thanks. I also added

.remote-devices-panel {
  margin-right: -3px;

to correct space (from blank between HTML tags) on right side.
Now inner Monk is happy :relieved: