How to handle disk full conditons?

ok… simplefied this to: 1 Big pc client. 1 Andorroid client with limited “disk” space.

If i offer too much files on the big pc, the sync on the anodroid device will stall bc it disk is (alsmost) full. Ok, nice that it stops, but… the sync stops completely on that disk. So i cannot simply goto bigpc and delete some files there. No, i have to handle this at the android device (that is supposed to go to a not easy to reach location)

Is there a nice way to handle this via syncthing or do i really need some remote control software to manually delete files and restart the syncthing app.

You can either break down your folders into subfolders on the PC and only share subfolders, or you can use ignores.

Syncthing will continue to sync deletions, unless the disk that stores the database is also near full.

Unfortunately that’s not the case: All scan and pull operations use CheckHealth() all over the place and abort if it returns an error.

And I think you are right.

Thank you for the buglink.

Maybe if i have some free time(eh… well… hmm, )… i give a stab at that code. Becuase it really bugs me.

There’s already a PR addressing it:

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