How to get rid of "System Volume Information" and the like?

When syncing an entire Windows partition, there are some nasty Windows system files, e. g. System Volume Information, $RECYCLE.BIN, lots of thumbs.db and so on, which I don’t want to have synchronized.

I tried to exclude these by means of ignore patterns. This didn’t work in the first place due to errors I introduced in the .stignore files, so the unwanted files/directories made their way into the other machine. Meanwhile I got these fixed, so that all of the unwanted stuff in fact gets ignored.

But Syncthing on my file server insists on having System Volume Information deleted on my windows machine, which is not the intended behaviour. I tried to tackle the problem by unsharing the folder on both machines, then assuring that .stignore files were correctly set up and restarting both machines, to no avail. There remains a nasty Out of sync message, no matter what I tried to do.

Is there a way to tell Syncthing that it should completely forget about the synchronization of a particular folder and rescan from the scratch?

syncthing -reset does this (for all folders), but I don’t think it should be necessary to get your ignores to “take”…

Removing the folder, restarting, then adding it back will also erase all index data for the folder.

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Thank you for the fast reply. I tried syncthing -reset, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I’ll try once more.

I also thougt of removing the folder and adding it back. Alas the problem is not alone with one, but with a handful of folders, some of them huge. I shudder to think of the re-scanning of some twenty gigabytes.

Unless that’s a small ARM CPU, 20 GB should be scanned and done in a couple of minutes.

Ok, so I hope. The initial scan took several days. Rests the problem that each restart on the server’s side costs about five minutes before work can go on.

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