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Hi, syncthing works well on my two machines, one with windows and one with Ubuntu. However, the connection can be very long : sometimes one hour or more. Now for example, though I modified one folder pear and restarted both apps on the two computers, it still appears “disconnected”. What is the schedule of connexion (periodic time ? permanent ?) and is there a mean, if useful, to force the connection when wanted ?

Connections are retried every 60 seconds. If it doesn’t reconnect within a minute it’s because a connection isn’t possible or the discovery doesn’t work. There’s a longer delay before it switches to using relays, so perhaps that’s what finally happens for you? When connected, in the GUI, does it say “Address: something” or “Relayed via: something” on the device (right side of the screen)?

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Wouhahou ! I didn’t expect a so quick reply ! Thanks a lot ! When I start syncthing or the state is still “disconnected”, in adress there is a question mark “?”. When it is connected, I see “relayed by”… something like a ip adress. I don’t understand this notion of relay…

It basically means the devices can find no direct way to talk to each other, so they are talking via a middle man. This is quite slow and takes a while to connect. See if you can get a port forward set up on either side;

OK, you’re right, after I opened ports on windows firewall it connects directly (no relay) within 1 minute. Sorry I had misread documentation on the firewall and relay : since it worked sometimes, and because syncthing was allowed in the firewall, I thought that there was no need for opening ports. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your soft and support !


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