How to filter on the receiving side ?

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I’m discovering Syncthing and trying it between my QNAP NAS et my laptop. I have connected them, I have synched a first folder to try, and I’m facing a simple problem : the source is the NAS. On the laptop, I want to synch only some specific subfolders, not the whole source. The option to define the excluded files it greyed out on the laptop, I can set it only on the source.

So if I got this right from the doc, I can still filter, by manually putting the .stignore file at the root of the folder on the laptop, is that correct ? There is no other way to do it ? (I can’t easily see the list of sub folders from the laptop, I have to check on the NAS and create my file manually ?)

Also, an unrelated pb, but my files were all encrypted when I tried on that folder. I have accepted the laptop as a safe device, but I guess i missed a step somewhere ?

Thanks in advance for any advice or info ! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you simply use multiple shares?

I have a share with all my photos, by year, then month, then day. On my laptop, I synchronize only the last 2 or 3 years, and sometimes I exclude a specific day (where I have a huge set). Usually I have quite some folders in my shares, and I select only what I’m working on. That would mean to create a lot of shares, the maintenance would be a nightmare.

Grayed out ? So maybe you set “Receive Only” on the Laptop or “Untrusted” from the NAS?

Just restart ST to make sure it’s not still grayed anymore. Then filter using below filter (this setup is in my laptop, the ~server~ only filters out the (?i)(?d) lines, so that I can DL what I want on the laptop and [auto]reupload when finished [online]editing. In the end I move subfolders in NewFolder one step above in the server tree for current year, or just remove the line like !2004/…). This is RW on both sides but Receive Only in my wife computer with no filters but ?i?d cosmetic ones (I setup for her a RW access to the server folder elsewhere than in ST. Samba or so).

// For the current year
!**2021/New folder
!2004/200409*DD[-DD] Some event
//!**201907 13*

Don’t forget the final " * " and do set a trash policy on server side

Perfect, thanks, indeed after setting properly the folder type, I can enter the filters, and select what I want. I miss to be able to see the available folders on the other side, but that’s not a blocking problem. I can run more tests and sync my photos from my QNAP the way I need I think. Thanks for your help !

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