how to figure out which files are stuck


What is the easiest way to figure out which files are responsible for my sync being “stuck” at random fixed values? I believe it is at least partially related to ignored files, but also I know there are a few paths that might be too long for the windows machines.

Here is what I see every day:

This is viewed from an Ubuntu machine, “Jax-Mini” is running osx, and the other two are windows 10 machines. All have syncthing v0.14.12.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to determine which files are out of sync. I’m sorry if I missed this or if it’s obvious; I checked the documentation, faq, and forum to the best of my ability. Then again, I often can’t see food in my fridge.

Thanks, Jack

Expand the folder and you’ll see.

Check the folders on those 3 devices. In the expanded details should be a line with out of sync items. If you click the link on the right, you get the list of out of sync files.

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That’s the thing: I don’t see this line about out-of-sync files. Here is an example:

You have to check on the other side.

Yes, nothing on that side either. However, the local side of each computer always says “up to date” so this is consistent. Also, my understanding of “up to date” is that this is what it says if there isn’t a computer wanting to send a file online at the moment.

Highly confusing.

Can you post a screenshot of an expanded folder from thr other side?

Sorry for the delay. I can confirm computer A says “syncing 96%” for computer B, but computer B says all folders are up to date (no “out of sync” files listed). This is the closest thing I can find to a 96% on computer B for one of my folders:

I’m actually quite surprised a .DS_Store ignore would do this.

Why are you surprised?

It seems its missing 4GB of data.

“Reduced by ignore patterns” is probably the relevant part, you just ignored those 4% so it says up to date on the local side but out of sync on the remote.

I’m surprised because 4GB of “.DS_Store” files seems like a lot, since they’re OSX’s file system. I’ll have to check to make sure my filter is working how I expect.

Is there any way to tell which files are in the “reduced by ignore patterns” list?

I hope future versions of Syncthing will ignore the ignore list when reporting the sync status. Highly confusing for a n00b, and even understanding where this comes from, it’s still a much happier feeling to see “Up to date” and green everywhere.

(Thanks everyone!)

We’d then have the opposite and worse scenario, where people would complain about being in sync 100% and files missing, which would be much harder to explain. Plus, to do that you’d have to fisclose what you are ignoring, which might reveal information you don’t want.

Sure, but then it is difficult to tell the difference between a failing sync and a working sync (with ignores), without traveling to the remote machine – say I edit some small files at work; I have to travel home to find out whether the sync was successful? In big repositories, the percentage does not have enough significant figures to differentiate small changes.

If all files are accounted for by either the sync or the ignore patterns, I think some indication should be given (locally) that everything is working perfectly. I doubt it would cause that much confusion if people see a file number that is lower on a local machine and it says “reduced by ignore patterns” right below this (especially if it said how many files/folders/GB were ignored); after all, they would have had to edit the .stignore file to get that behavior.

Alternatively the “Up to date excluding ignores” color could be different than the usual green? Or (even better) the label could read something less confusing like “Up to date (4% ignored)”?

Why do you even ignore .DS_Store only on one side? Do you want to sync them to other devices? If not, you should ignore them everywhere, so Syncthing doesn’t even add it to the index and try to sync it in the first place.

Funny you should mention that. I have put the same exact .stignore file on all machines.

Given that it’s four gigs of data, it’s probably not only .DS_Store files though.

Agree. One big reason I’m asking how to find which files are ignored and / or not sync’d for other reasons.

Yeah. Unfortunately Syncthing doesn’t track ignored files, so it doesn’t know. Maybe double checking the patterns and what they might match may yield some insights, I don’t know, sorry.

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