How to exclude invalid files?

Syncthing Version: v0.14.15 OS Version: Windows 10 / Linux

I have a TP-Link java networkswitch configuration tool in one of my syncthing trees, which seems to create (when run from linux) a file called .\ (yes, with a \ in the name).

This - rightfully - causes issues when syncing to windows, where \ is the path separator. This causes the dir to be out of sync, but I don’t seem to be able to put this specific file in the ignore list.

The notice the UI throws at me is “Dropping index for entry %s, contains invalid path seperator TP-Link/.\”

Anyone any idea how to exclude this one?

Try swapping a wildcard in place of the \. It is unlikely to clash with other files.

That, or .\\ should match it in .stignore (on the linux side).

(I fixed that formatting issue)

Is there an easy way to ignore it on windows? I have only one windows box, and many Linux boxes that sync it correctly :wink:

It is ignored, it’s just that you get the warning for it. That happens at the protocol layer, before things like ignore patterns kick in, so there is nothing you can do to affect it on the Windows side.

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