how to edit the initially sync setup which destination folder is wrong

i want have my android external sd card /DCIM synced to laptop /home/Desktop/All_datas_Sync folder.

then i realized “Default Folder Path” of the laptop syncthing was wrongly set. it was set to “~/Desktop/All_data_Sync”

hence, syncthing created a new folder : “/Desktop/All_data_Sync”. i want all synced stuff (data or folders) to be in one folder on my desktop called “All_datas_Sync”

now, i remove the “DCIM” folder in laptop Syncthing>Folders, but it just keeps pops up making the same wrong folder path.

i have corrected “Default Folder Path” of the laptop syncthing to “~/Desktop/All_datas_Sync” , it just keep popping out to make and resume to sync to the previous wrong folder location.

how to correct this issue ? syncthing does not allow me to edit the “FOLDER PATH” of “DCIM” sync. why does it not allow ? if it allow user to edit the folder path, it would be wonderful, the mistake can easily being rectified.

what can i do to tell syncthing to sync my android DCIM to the correct folder path on laptop ?


Remove it and add it again with the correct path.

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