How to do one way sync with all my slave nodes

Hello Folks, I am trying to setup a sync mechanism where 10 slave nodes ( S1 … S10) need to be synchronized with a master node (M1). Even if slave nodes delete files from their repository, the file should not be deleted from master node.

I set the folder in master node “master mode” in the folder settings. However, I am still seeing the files being deleted from master node in case file deleted from slave node.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks Biswajit

If you enabled the foldermaster setting and restarted syncthing as required, it should be impossible, that changes from other nodes effect your node.

They will however effect other non-master-nodes, until you override the changes which will reset all the data on all non-master-nodes.

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Hi Biswajit,

this should not happen. Did you try to restart Syncthing on the master node after applying the “Master Flag” on the Folder? This might help

If not, it could be an bug. What Version are u using?

BR, Frank

It works as expected after restarting the master node. No need to file a bug

Thanks for quick support.

Syncthing should have prompted you to restart, so the changes can take effect, unless you had a slightly older version, where changing the foldermaster setting did not prompt a restart.