How to disable "Syncthing is running" notification on Android?

Ideally, I’d like to receive important notifications from Syncthing on my phone, but I don’t need a permanent reminder that “Syncthing is running” at the top of the screen.

Is there an option to disable that alert, but still receive notifications?



If I am not mistaken, that notification is required in order for android not to kill the application in the background.

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@AudriusButkevicius Correct.

That’s a shame, guess I’ll have to disable notifications.

Odd really, I have other apps that run permanently in the background without a constant notification of the fact.

Most recently Notify Buddy that displays a “mock” LED when notifications arrive. It doesn’t permanently notify me that it’s running in the bg.

Thanks for the replies though.

On Android 10 (Pixel 3), there are 3 options in the notifications settings for Syncthing: “Syncthing Active”, “Other notifications”, and “Monitoring run conditions”. I have the first one disabled and I don’t get the constant notification that Syncthing is running, but it never seems to be killed. I have frequently updated items (todo.txt lists, camera folder and Markor .md files) that always sync to the server/laptop without issues or delays. I do get a notification when I’m off wifi that Syncthing is disabled, but that’s by my choice. That could also be removed by disabling the “monitoring nrun conditions” notification option.

Thanks Scott, that sounds like what I need to do (also on Android 10 here).

Whereabouts are these notification settings though - inside Syncthing or in Android’s Settings?

I’ve tried finding notification options like the ones you describe in Syncthing, without success.


Found it in Settings > Apps > Syncthing and the notification is now gone.

Much obliged to you.


@steveharman Comparing it to other apps is nonsense in my eyes - because other apps use Google Firebase (Cloud Push Service) and get the bonus from Google for it that they “stay alive” without a foreground service notification. Syncthing Android has a strategic decision behind to NOT depend on Google Play Services, Firebase, etc.

In case your Android version does not kill the service is no guarantee for other users, especially on older phones with less RAM that Android tolerates the “loose background service”. Android docs clearly state that a foreground service including a permament notification is necessary to ensure a service isn’t killed - with the only alternative solution to use Firebase if you (as a dev) don’t want it.


Conversations from F-Droid only asks to disable battery optimisations but doesn’t show a persistent notification by default. Maybe a persistent notification is only needed for Android customizations such as MiUI.

My notification settings for Syncthing are configured like this via Android Settings > Apps > Syncthing > Notifications:


  • Syncthing active > OFF
  • Other notifications > Show Notifications
  • Monitoring run conditions > Show Notifications

I get pertinent notifications from Syncthing, such as “Syncthing is disabled” when there’s no WiFi available, but no permanent notification that Syncthing is running. This is with MIUI 11 / Android 10 on a Redmi K20.

Well, strictly speaking a Xiaomi MI 9T Pro with a Redmi ROM as it’s the only Android 10 / MIUI 11 ROM available atm afaik.

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