How to delete a "Folder"

I am confused on the webpage GUI thingie under “Folders” I have an entry that is suppose to be synchronizing some photos but I look at the

Folder ID cvpux-h3hy4
Folder Path /home/ooo/Pictures
Global State 145,652 15,817 ~75.4 GiB
Local State 101,875 13,663 ~31.7 GiB
Out of Sync Items 46,535 items, ~43.9 GiB
Folder Type Send Only

It’s showing GIGS of data I do not have gigs of photos so I am assuming its trying to download something from someplace else?

  1. How do I tell what computer is this entry on? Where is Folder ID cvpux-h3hy4
  2. Exactly what directory is the GIGS of data in so it can be viewed?
  3. How do I delete a entry under “Folders” once I locate and delete any unwanted data.

Where do I start I want to delete all entries under “Folders” and start over before I do I want to see what data was synchronized to where so any unwanted data is removed.



  1. What do you mean by entry? You can’t really tell the topology of the folder, as you share it with device X, yet device X might share the folder with an undefined number of devices. Each of those devices has copy of all the data, so nobody “has the entry”, all of them have all the data (plus minus ignores).

2/3. There is no easy way to check whats in the folder before you download it other than clicking on the out of sync text and looking at the modal, nor is there a way to delete stuff before its downloaded other than adding it to ignores in order not to download it. I suggest you look on the filesystem of the other device that is sharing the data with you, as that might be easier.

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