How to create Syncthing Portable to backup my settings before clean windows install

I want to perform clean windows install but don’t want to lose any of my settings and have to go through all the process to sync folders I have on my other ssd. Is it possible?

Yes, although the specifics might vary depending on if you’re using the official Syncthing package or one of the community bundles.

See the “Syncthing Configuration” page for details about the default location of Syncthing’s files:

Thanks. Now I have set home to folder of my choice and i can see config file and key but when I double click on syncthing it still creates new files in C: drive and uses them. How to set default to the folder I have chosen?

Windows, unfortunately, makes it complicated to set a custom user home location. While it’s fairly easy to move Documents, Music, Pictures and other folders, the hidden AppData folder isn’t quite so easy. There are probably hundreds of thousands of webpages and YouTube videos about this particular topic, so I’ll leave it to the search engines.

As for Syncthing itself, its home can be overridden via the --home parameter:

Launching Syncthing via a double-click on its executable won’t override the built-in home folder default, so you’ll need to first create a shortcut, then under the shortcut’s properties, add the Syncthing option(s) there.

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