How to control where a shared folder ends up on the other device?

I need my tree of markdown files from my Windows PC getting synchronized to a folder on my Android phone; if I update some of those markdown files on my phone, or create a new markdown file in that structure it should get synchronized back.

If my PC’s default folder is “D:\Documents”, and I prepared to synchronize “D:\Documents\Notes” as folder shared with my phone.

How do I specify on the phone where this PC folder is synchronized to? Or, will it always be synchronized to the default folder in the target device?

When you accept a new folder on any device, there’s a dialogue/popup that asks for the folder path. You can put any path you like into there.

This also works on the Android version, though it can be a bit more convoluted there: Android’s folder structure isn’t easy to understand, there may be permission problems for certain paths etc. The Android UI tries to help with this as best as it can, but it may not be perfect.

ah, I need to check notifications on my Android 13 phone, and when choosing it, then I can see the create folder dialog! Well, this little untold thing is vital to tell Android users.

Thanks for guiding me into the right direction.

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Related: Notifications do not appear in-app · Issue #959 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub. This issue is raised in the fork but is present in the non-forked app too.