How to connect to the Web interface of Syncthing installed on a VPS?

How to connect to the Web interface of Syncthing installed on a VPS?

a VPS could be an untructed machine, if this matters.

The steps depend on how much control you have over the VPS and the OS running on the VPS.

Did you mean “untrusted”?

If so, it only matters if you don’t actually trust it, then in that case, probably shouldn’t be syncing anything private to it via Syncthing (even if using the file encryption feature).

I rent it. Think of the likes of VPS on DigitalOcean

I just have a wireguard tunnel from my home router (or could be from your desktop, whatever). Set the GUI interface to the wireguard interface IP address in the Syncthing config and away you go.

I trust the Syncthing encryption for my files.

The level of access varies depending on the service plan and provider:

  • Do you have root/admin access?
  • What’s the operating system?
  • Is setting up a VPN and using one okay?

The more details provided, the easier and faster it is to provide instructions.

Do you have SSH access to your server? If not ask if it can be added. I use SSH tunneling to connect to servers that I don’t have physical access to.

Find out if the server supports SSH server and if it does I can assist you with the command syntax to connect so long as you know the IP address and port number that SSH server is listening on.

I install SSH server on all of my syncthing servers whether they be windows or Linux. (Or Mac).

You can use SSH tunneling over the Internet if you know the proper connection information.

ssh -L 6999: p=22 user@your-vps-server

In the previous command the p=22 Is the port number on the SSH server if it’s something other than 22 you need to specify that here otherwise you can leave the port number out.

If you can successfully run this command you should be able to point your local browser to and pull up the syncthing gui running on the VPS server.

The syntax above is if the SSH server and the syncthing server are the same box. IF the SSH server is running on one IP address and the syncthing server is running on a different one then you need to change the syntax a little bit.

You would change the to their local ip for the syncthing server.

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How may I not have ssh access to my VPS server? Does such a server even exist anywhere?

Your solution will work for me.

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If you have a Windows client, ssh client Is usually installed by default if you have the latest Windows 10 or windows 11. If not you can install it through settings and optional add ins.

If your client is Linux, You might have to install the S S H client.

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