How to connect to remote server from home server

Hi, I have a freenas home server with syncthing plugin and a remote storage server running debian 8 with syncthing installed.v0.14.7 I can access both installs via internet browser, but device show as disconnected. ports have been forwarded and pinging is OK addresses have been added as https://...:8384

I know this is probably not that detailed, but just I wanted to know can it be done or not, so not to waste my time :slight_smile:


Thatโ€™s the address of the web interface. Where did you add it? Port 8384 is only for web ui, not for syncing.

To add the direct sync ip to the remote devices in Sycnthing, you need to add tcp://***.***.***.***:22000, or the port you set it to, to the addresses field.

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Hi, now getting 2016-10-02 09:16:38: Incompatible (v0.13) local discovery packet from [fe80::216:61ff:fecd:1e5c%eth0]:42280 - upgrade that device to connect on the remote server but both are same version and still no activity on the home server. I have turn firewalls off


OK may have started working will report back soon

It looks you are running 0.13.x on one machine, and 0.14.x on another machine. Those versions are incompatible. You should use 0.14.x on all devices.

Hi, they are all 0.14 but it does now work so thanks for the help. It is detecting something as a device but donโ€™t know what it is.

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