How to configure Syncthing on Android

I created a Github gist that describes how to configure Syncthing on Android so that files synced from other devices end up with an usable ownership, that is so that your Android apps can find the files and access them. Here is the gist: Android Syncthing configuration


nice job :slight_smile:

’ * Start the Syncthing app.’ is written twice.

Are you sure that this is working on all versions of Android and both storage locations ( internal + sd card)?

can you be more specific about that point?

I have now updated the document and removed the extra “Start the Syncthing app”. Thanks for the pointer!

I have only tested Syncthing on two Android devices, both running Android version 14. I now added this to the gist.

I now checked if I could set up a Syncthing folder on an sdcard, but I could not get Syncthing to accept the folder path!

So I have now specified that I set up sync folders in the internal storage, under /storage/emulated/0. And that I was unable to set up a sync folder on an sdcard. The files on the sdcard are owned by user root, so there might be a permission problem there.

The basic problem with sdcards is that they have a DOS file system, not modern file system. I believe its best to stay away from them, as regards syncthing. That said, I have been able to synchronize between my linux computer and Android sdcard, using rsync (run manually from the command line).

Note that I have used the Android Syncthing app from Google Play. There is also an alternative Android Syncthing app Syncthing-Fork, that is supposed to be able to handle sdcards.