How to combine ignore and delete patterns ?

From the Docs:

A pattern beginning with a (?i) prefix enables case-insensitive pattern matching. (?i)test matches test, TEST and tEsT. The (?i) prefix can be combined with other patterns, for example the pattern (?i)!picture*.png indicates that Picture1.PNG should be synchronized. On Mac OS and Windows, patterns are always case-insensitive.

A pattern beginning with a (?d) prefix enables removal of these files if they are preventing directory deletion. This prefix should be used by any OS generated files which you are happy to be removed.

Please tell me how to combine (?d) and (?i) in one line, so that caseinsensitive deletion of files is possible.

is it

(?d)(?i) file or (?d) (?i) file or (?di) file

or something else?

It’s (?d) and (?i) in any order without any spaces.

That was a very fast reply, thank you!

So its either




Thanks again.

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