How to clear these errors?

I am getting a couple of errors which I can’t work out how to clear.

They are as follows:-

Failed Items

The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

lib/plugins/wikicalendar directory is not empty; files within are probably ignored on connected devices only

lib/plugins/wikicalendar/.hg directory contains ignored files (see ignore documentation for (?d) prefix)

How can one get rid of these errors? They are only appearing on one of my systems. I’ve tried deleting the directories, adding files and removing them, all sorts and still the errors persist.

That means someone else deleted that directory and you have files in that directory that are ignored by that other person. Therefore Syncthing sees conflicting intents: The other wants to get rid of the parent dir, but you have files in it that you may want to retain - so it complains to give you the choice. Either also ignore (with (?d) prefix) those files to delete the dir (or just delete it manually) or “recreate” the directory. I can’t think of a nice solution for the latter, but creating a dummy file within should work (you can delete it once scanned).

That’s plainly what it says: Someone else deleted that directory, but you locally have ignored files within. As they are ignored, Syncthing is not allowed to touch them, so it can’t go on deleting it. If you want Syncthing to delete these ignored files, add the (?d) prefix to the appropriate ignore patterns. Or manually delete the directory for a “one-time solution” (same thing will happen again under the same circumstances).

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