How to change the folder where incoming directories land?

I noticed that when I shared a folder on a remote computer, it landed in C:\Users\me\ (as C:\Users\me\theSharedFolder).

Is there a way to change this destination on the receiving computer? I noticed that I have a C:\Users\me\Sync setting in the GUI under Default Folder but it is empty.

There is already a tangential question but as far as I can tell it does not exactly address my concern (I tried to understand @canton7 comments but I cannot match them to my case (where a folder shared on a remote computer just appears on my laptop - and this is fine, except that the place it arrives to is very crowded and I would like to change it)

When accepting a folder, you get a popup dialog similar to the “Add Folder” dialog. This allows you to customize the path to the folder.

If you have the “Auto accept” feature enabled, folders are automatically created at their default path (usually $HOME/foldername, i.e %USERPROFILE% on Windows). IIRC, you can modify this default folder path, by modifying the folder defaults (Settings → Edit Folder Defaults), but it’s usually easier/more flexible to just have Auto accept disabled - then you have full customization options.

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That’s it - I have blindly set auto accept. Thanks a lot!

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