How to change the database path


I have a question about the configuration of Syncthing.

Is there any solution to change the path of the database ? I would like to move the database to an another directory than the config directory.

Thank you. Bye

Change the config directly, be passing -home to syncthing.

Nop because this will change the directory of all the config files.

I would like to change only the database directory.

Not possible, as far as I’m aware.

I’m on Linux. Maybe, I can use hardlink. What do you think about that ?

You can’t hardlink directories, though you can symlink. Why do you want to do that tough.

I am doing that for about half a year now, works fine. Also works on windows btw.

Because I’m using ST on a raspberry pi 2 and I want to limit the number of write on the SD card but I don’t want to see the ST certificate on the USB hard-disk.

So I would like to get the config directory on the SD card and only the database directory on the USB hard-disk.

Moreover, do you know the writing database frequency of syncthing ?

Not really, but I assume very often.

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