How to change language

Is it possible to change the language of the web GUI?

It follows your browsers locale settings I think.

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you can change it manually with http://localhost:8080/#?lang=de (de for german, other codes can be seen here


Thanks! directly does not work but workaround: change url in browser to and then back to

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There’s seems to be some weirdness with the language override; it doesn’t take on a full reload / first load and seems a bit flaky. Hmm.

I think this is because of the browser cache and how the Syncthing GUI works. On the first request the web template is loaded using the browser locale. So Syncthing should check if a GET parameter “lang” exists before it matches any other language information to available translations.

So many times, when I want to make a screenshot or show/explain something to someone speaking another language, I have troubles to change the language. Thanks for the trick with the /#?lang=__

I guess the links could be nice to have some option in the settings to set the language (maybe as an automatic forwarding to the preferred language)

That would also be needed in the options.

Should I make a feature request on GitHub?

Not top priority since workaround works for most cases, but user setting would be nice to have - see github #981

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Hello, i’m newbie here. Please tell me how to enable another language in gui? I downloaded file from but option didn’t work for me.

You don’t need to download anything, just refresh the page twice I think with the URL and it should work. Or try changing your OS or browser locale.

Thanks for answer AudriusButkevicius. Try to change browser and refresh page with the URL but it’s don’t work too. I guess that lang-ru.json file is missing in translater folder

Yes, it seems it is. It could be that the translation percentage is too low, as it needs to be at least 75%, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d raise an issue on Github if I was you.

Probably it wasn’t enough translated at the previous release. It’s currently at 100%, so it will be included in the next release.