How to change base href?

Hi, How to change base href in gui? I’m trying to put syncthing behind reverse proxy under the subdirectory ‘syncthing’. To make it work I needed to add path rewrite rule to load page but all requests are made without ‘/syncthing’ path and because of that no files are being loaded.

Syncthing uses relative requests so there is no base href to change, and it shouldn’t be necessary.

Then how it should be handled? When I do not use PathRewrite it doesnt load page at all. When I do links are pointing to wrong location… Im using envoy proxy

You need to ensure that requests for your subdirectory /syncthing/ becomes requests for the root / in the backend. The GUI and API will then work as usual.

For synchting behind Apache, this is all it takes (on my Server):

ProxyPass /st/ retry=0
ProxyPassReverse /st/

But you need to make sure that there is a / at the end or the URL, which I do this way:

Redirect /st /st/

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