How to block Windows system files?


I cant find information about how to filter out for example Windows system files like the Desktop.ini in all the folders. And if it can be done, do I do it at the PC, at the Notebook? On both computers or my raspberry?

Is there anywhere to find a documentation or a tutorial on YouTube how to do it proper?

I have to make a clean install on my raspberry and I want to do it the right way from the beginning.

Thank you, have a good day.

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Ignoring Files — Syncthing v1 documentation :wink:


Thank you, but I know this document.

To write a filter which can filter out all windows system files and hidden folders is nonetheless very difficult. I dont know the specific of windows system files. I was hopping that someone has done it before, which I could use and configure to my needs.

Or maybe the files are already filtered out automatically?

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You might need to adapt the syntax but that should give you a good start

The gitignore list includes some highly outdated files though, like ehthumbs.db, etc. which come from Windows XP Media Center :wink:.

I personally would always ignore the following.

// Windows
(?d)(?i)system volume information

If you need to include others, then just add them following your personal requirements. Also, if you search the forum, you will find many useful ignore patterns that people have been using so far.

Thank you both a lot. Have a nice day

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