How to block access to all ips

Okay, so I have Syncthing on my VPS and want to block all IPs from accessing the webserver (besides my home IP). However, when I use a firewall and do that, my phone can’t communicate with the VPS/Syncthing to sync files- is there any other way to do it?

I use a VPN tunnel (wireguard currently) from the phone to a known IP (at my home) and relay from there to the web server. This allows you to control the IP of the phone.

A better method may be to have wireguard at the VPS, block all IPs to the web server at the firewall and allow all IPs to wireguard. You would then use wireguard from home and the phone.

The problem is I don’t wanna use a VPN (i use OpenVPN) as it drains about 5-10% of my battery and I already have a high battery drain per hour (17%/hr, 8%/hr idle). So I wanna keep it in a way where that won’t happen. Would I be able to connect via a “DNS” or no? Not 100% sure…

Let the sync protocol ports(22000/tcp + 22000/udp) open and bind the web UI(8384) to localhost. You can access the web UI using SSH portforwarding. Apps like ConnectBot offer this also on Android.

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