How to avoid deleting deleted files from the original copy, on teh cloned copy?

I have a configuration to replicate folders from a NODE to a SERVER.

I need to avoid deleting a file deleted on NODE from the server. Need the server KEEP the copy even if was deleted on the server. Is possible?

Also, i need any change on the SERVER NOT BE reflected on the NODE.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Syncthing does not generally have a concept of nodes vs servers, all devices in a cluster are a priori equal. However what you want seems to be achievable by making the folder(s) on your NODE send-only and use either the ignore deletes option or versioning on the SERVER.


Thanks. I cant use versioning because the file is growing fast, i assume will create a lot of copies with every update.

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No. Syncthing cannot intercept modifications on the local system. So if you delete a file on the server, it will be deleted.

I mean it need to keeps the copy in teh server, even if was deleted in the node.

In that case, as @imsodin already said, you can use the ignore deletes option or versioning (e.g. trashcan versioning).

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Yes that i already do.

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