How to avoid delete propagation..


I have a huge list of files that have the error ‘file modified but not rescanned’ …

Even when I don’t see a case mismatch in the file name, the advice is that I should rename the folder and allow it to synchronize from scratch again.

Won’t this force having both folders (original and renamed) all the sync systems? Or even delete the original folder from my machine because it doesn’t exist any more in the system I renamed it?

Is there a way to avoid it?.

Cheers JD Evora

It shouldn’t. Yet make a backup of the folder beforehand.

At least the renamed folder was propagated to the other nodes :frowning: I did a backup and now I’m waiting to see what happens with the original… (6GB over the internet…)


But now the Original folder doesn’t get propagated any more to the other nodes…

How can I force it?

You can’t force anything. Is any folder send only? Have you looked at the logs?

Post screenshots of the UI from both sides.


if I copy over the backup, should it do the trick???


Yes, potentially. If you did a rename, that can result in a delete and redownload if it’s a large directory tree.

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