How to automatically share common folders

I have 3 devices. Let’s call them A, B, and C. All three are connected as remote devices to eachother. That is to say A, has B, and C; B, has C, and A; and C has B, and A;

On device A, I run mkdir foo; cd foo; touch bar baz; and using the GUI, I add foo into syncthing.

I then share folder foo with devices B, and C. I accept the folder on those devices.

I notice that the folder is not shared between B and C, unless I go and make that happen manually. Here is a visual representation of the current state:

A <-> B
A <-> C

I have 2 questions.

  1. If A gets hit by a holy handgrenade, will B and C sync foo with eachother? I suspect not.
  2. If not, is there a way to configure syncthing to automatically share common folders with other devices?

Optionally, am I missing the point of how this is supposed to be used?

The question needs more context in order to answer…

If by chance you had a Zemeckis Cube handy so that you could go back and enable sharing of Syncthing folder “foo” in a full mesh topology – e.g., A:foo ↔ B:foot, A:foo ↔ C:foo, B:foo ↔ C:foo – then yes, the contents of “foo” would continue to sync between B and C.

But if neither B or C have any knowledge of “foo” prior to losing A, then there’s nothing Syncthing can do.

Check out the Introducer and Auto Accept settings under the “Sharing” tab for a remote device:

As in Syncthing? Nope, it sounds like you’re on the right track. :slightly_smiling_face:

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One more thing you can do if frequently adding devices or folders: Set up defaults for the Sharing settings. Go to Actions > Settings > Edit Device Defaults or Edit Folder Defaults. If you check a folder or device there, it will also be pre-selected when accepting an invitation or adding a new folder manually.

I will check out all of those options! Thanks, peeps!

I’ve looked into those options, and I don’t think they exactly fit my question.

However I will start using the introducer feature. That’s pretty sweet. I’ll set up my main machine as an introducer for all the others. :smile:

What I’m looking for is a way for devices to detect a hole in the mesh and fill the gap.

I don’t want to auto accept folders, because different machines have different dir structures.

For example, I have 2 linux machines, 1 mac, and a cloud backup server. I sync my linux dotfiles and use the other two devices as nodes for stability.

  • On linux devices it’s at ~/.config
  • On the backup server it’s at ~/syncthing/linuxDotfiles
  • On the mac it’s at ~/.config/linuxDotfiles

If I set folders to auto accept, they would all just get thrown into ~/linuxDotfiles or ~/.config, and that could mess some things up, so I like to tell it explicitly where to put stuff.

I created a feature request:

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