How To Adjust/Move Folder/Computer List -Syncthing GTK Linux

When you have multiple folders/multiple computers connected, the folder list on the left and the computer list on the right are listed in the order they were added to Syncthing. Is there a way to change the way these are listed? The out of alphabetical order makes my OSD go off the chart. One would think dragging and dropping the folders/computers to the desired position would be a pretty standard thing (like arranging bookmarks in any file manager). Or at a minimum a way to arrange alphabetically, though drag and drop would be better in case you want a specific main folder on top (the top folder defaults to expanding it’s info while all those below can remain collapsed when the GTK GUI is opened).

Is it possible that maybe the order inside the config.xml file or whatever its called again is defining these orders? Have you tried to look into your .xml file on your node and experiment with it or first make sense of it?

On lunix I have a ~/.config/syncthing/

file in there called config.xml

which holds lots of infos about the shares and fellow nodes and all. Good luck.

My gut feeling says that it’s using python dict to store devices, which is unordered. Best bet would be to raise a ticket on syncthing-gtk issue tracker.

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