How to accept shares on Android?

How does one accept share requests on Android? I feel like I’m missing something.

  1. Share Folder on Laptop
  2. See a notification in the notification bar of Android, saying that “Device X wants to share folder Folder”.
  3. Click on the notification
  4. Syncthing opens; Folder does not appear in the folder list. There is no mention of the notification, and no obvious way to accept the request. Clicking on the Laptop device just shows options.
  5. Restart Syncthing
  6. Again, clicking on notification opens Syncthing, but there’s no obvious way to accept through the UI
  7. Open the web UI
  8. Device shows, but Folder doesn’t
  9. With web UI open on Android: 9.1 Remove Folder share on Laptop 9.2 Re-share Folder on Laptop 9.3 Web UI opens page with all share requests! Success!

Is there a way to get to the share request page in Android without going through steps under 9?


Expected because the folder hasn’t been added yet.

That is a bug. The add new folder form should appear - prefilled with the folder ID.

I’ve just created a folder on my device a few minutes ago by clicking at the notification and it worked. So also not a bug which always occurs. But still you could report it providing more information about your device (check for existing bugs before).

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I did search in the issues list in github; if nobody else is mentioning this happening, then I want to make sure it’s not something I’m doing wrong before I open a ticket.

Well, people can’t reproduce it. Did you chck android logs for exceptions etc?