How to Accept changes?

While trying to resolve Recurring sync-conflicts - #7 by xarx, I run into another issue. Now I have only my Windows notebook and Android tablet turned on, and one folder, everything else I have paused.

The problem

The tablet shows “Out of Sync” folder, 24 items out of sync, and they are show in the list detail. The notebook shows " Up to Date" folder, but the tablet device is “Syncing 99%” with 24 items out of sync, the detail list is empty.

The majority of the files (22 of 24) is identical on both sides, only the timestamps are newer at the notebook side. I don’t understand what prevents the tablet to accept the changes?

What I tried

When I unshare the folder on both sides, and then share it again, the “out of sync” occurs immediately again. Why?

Moreover, there’s a button “Override changes” on the tablet. Why can’t I “Force the changes”?

Edit: What debug logging facilities should I check to learn more about what is happening? I checked some, but nothing is visible in the log.

If you’re seeing this button, then this means that the folder on the tablet is set to “Send Only”. Because of that, it cannot accept any changes from other devices. If what you need is two-way sync, then you should change the folder type to “Send & Receive”.

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Thank you, that was it. I’m not aware of switching the folder to Send Only, it was Send & receive before.

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